Friday, March 18, 2011

It's time to ride... or at least getting close! (Spring cleaning edition)

It's time to dust off the trusty steed after a long winter hibernation. If your anything like me and can't wait to get out and hit the trails now is a good time to work the quirks out of your bike.  

Check the sealant in my tubeless tire system. Last year I used Stan's No Tubes, and I had a huge silicone mess inside my tires. It took a long time to meticulously remove all the gummed up bits and get the rims and tires ready to seal again. In the end I think it will be worth the time though. 
I made a change this go around and decided to give Bontrager Super Juice a try. It is a non-silicone based sealant (it won't dry out or gum up, theoretically) and truth be told I love it so far. It sealed up immediately and seemed to be much less messy compared to Stan's. Only time will tell, but it does hold air pressure better and seems to be a top notch product.

Pay particular attention to your drive train. Starting with the chain I use a Park tool chain cleaner with orange degreaser, but there are a number of alternatives. With the chain in the unit I pedal backwards 10 revolutions then wipe the chain clean. Then lightly apply a fresh coat of chain lube wiping the excess and you’re done.

Clean all the cogs on the cassette and chairing, this will ensure smooth shifts and get all the power directly to the wheels.

Check the pedals and make sure they are tight and oiled in order to function properly. 

Hopefully you oiled the seals on your shocks before you put the bike away at the end of last season, but I will re-oil all the seals on my shocks and bearings before the 1st ride.

There is a whole list of other things you can do before the season kicks off, but these are few of the basics.



  1. I just about bought the Stan's no tubes stuff and after reading this went with the super juice. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Sure thing. I hope you like it. So far I have been really happy with the super juice. My tires are holding pressure much better than last year.